How To Deposit With Afrimoney:

1.You must have an Account Africell Money.

2.Dial *161#

3.Press Transfers Money (1).

4.Transfer the money to Bwinners Number 088397362

5.Enter the amount you wish to transfer and press Send Minimum 1SLE.

6.Enter your Africell PIN to confirm money transfer and be a winner with us.

Bwinners – Cuz Our Winners don’t wait!

How To Deposit with Orange Mobile Money:          

1.You must have an Mobile Money Account with ORANGE.

2.Dial #144#.

3.Press Transfer Money (2).

4.Press Orange Mobile Money Customer (1).

5.Enter the Bwinners 9 Digit number 073-111-255 Minimum 1SLE.

6.Press on Send Money.

7.Enter your Orange PIN to confirm money transfer and be a winner with us.

How To Deposit (POS)

Bwinners allows you to deposit anytime,
at any of our shops across the country without any fee whenever you want.

1. Go to the nearest shop, ask the cashier to deposit online.
2. Safely save the printed deposit code. (Note: this deposit code can be redeemed ONLY by your account).
3. Log in to your account.
4. Click on “DEPOSIT” at the main menu.
5. Select Payment Method “SHOP”.

6. Enter your deposit code, click “Complete Deposit” and you are free to go.

Congratulations, your deposit code has been redeemed and you can place your bet!