Withdraw With Afrimoney

  1. Enter the amount in the box below and confirm your password.

  2. Press ‘Withdraw’ and the amount will be deducted from your balance and will transfer directly to your mobile money account.


If a user tries to make 2 withdraws with the same amount in less than 5 minutes the second one will fail (MNO validation)

Withdraw in SHOP or POS

● Log in your account
Click on your user ID icon
● Click on “Withdraw” at the main menu
● Select “Shop Cash”
● Write the amount to be withdraw
● Write your password for Bwinners account in the  marked filed. 
● Press on “Start Withdraw process”
 ● Withdrawal code has been sent to your mobile device, Please check your mobile messaging
● Go to the nearest shop, ask the cashier to redeem your withdraw code, do not forget to bring your withdraw code with you.
● Note: please remember your user id and the withdraw amount as a security questions

NB; You have to use your phone number that you used to register on the website (Bwinners.net)