Deposit with Afrimoney


  1. Make sure that the number above is your registered Africell Mobile Number.

  2. Write your deposit amount and click on the Deposit button.

  3. You will receive an SMS with your Merchant ID

  4. Dial *777# send

  5. Select Pending

  6. Select Service: Merchant Payment (3)

  7. Insert your Mobile Money PIN

  8. Select: 1 (your transaction)

  9. Confirm your transaction

  10. Your account will be credited immediately after confirmation


If a user tries to make 2 deposits with the same amount in less than 1 minute the second one will fail (MNO validation)

Deposit with Qmoney

• You must have a Qcell Mobile money
Step by step to open an Qmoney account account.

1. Dial *323# press call
2. Follow the step by step on the menu
3. Once you have done you will be able to add money to your account using the Numbers on the website. 

Which is as follows below.

• Dial *323# press Call
• Press send Qmoney press number 1 on the mobile money menu.

• Enter the 7-digit mobile number of the Bwinners receiver: 31 99 555
• Press Send
• Enter the amount of money in GMD you wish to do deposit, minimum 25 GMD
• Enter your Qcell secret PIN to confirm money transfer and be a winner with us.
• Your money will be in your Bwinners account within few minutes.
• For any help with deposits pls dial: 00220 21 222 11

Deposit with SHOP or POS

• Go to the nearest Shop or POS, ask the cashier to deposit online, using your online account ID.
• Safely save the printed deposit code. (Note: this deposit code can be redeemed ONLY by your account).
• Log in to your account.
• Click on “DEPOSIT” at the main menu. 
• Select Payment Method “SHOP Cash”.
• Enter your deposit code, click “Complete Deposit” and you are free to go.
Congratulations, you can now place your Bet! Good Luck!